How Villa Didn’t Ruin My Life After All But………..

The triple whammy I feared didn’t happen. Villa’s defeat to Bradford City over two legs was a huge surprise, and a delight!,and has provided the season with its big story. For the first time a fourth tier team will play in a major final at Wembley. The last one to get close was Chester in 1975 and they lost in the semi-final to…..Aston Villa.

I am not going to gloat though. As a supporter you, of course, take pleasure in your rivals’ failings but ultimately all that matters is what your team does. Albion have not been doing well. A draw against the men from Witton salvaged some pride but for 45 minutes the Baggies were outplayed by a team everyone else, including Bradford, has made look poor. It is the FA Cup I am most disappointed about. At Loftus Road we had the game won but, not for the first time, conceded a last minute goal. Then, on a bitterly cold night at The Hawthorns, we watched two strange looking line ups, play a match that had all the intensity of a pre-season friendly. We’ve gone out of both cups early  despite the Head Coach’s promise to take them seriously and no longer have a lot to play for. 1968 is now nearly half a century ago.

Not a triple whammy then but half a triple whammy. That really isn’t good enough.


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