Noor Inayat Khan

In an age of anti-Muslim hysteria  a brave Muslim woman who gave her life for our country was remembered this week with the unveiling of a statue in Bloomsbury. After working as an agent for the Special Operations Executive she was arrested and shot at Dachau after withstanding months of torture and giving away no secrets.


By sunset on the second day

your Holy Book prescribes burial.

Mourners shall come in white.

Killers dressed in black denied

you burial. You are severed from

the earth, without a grave, your

life implied by things,

by photographs, by dresses

in a dark oak wardrobe

uniform jacket and skirt,

the smell of mothballs, a clock

that ticks in blacked out London

as it ticked in the spring

on the day you last walked in,

last hung up your jacket

and ticked away your absence

as it ticked for you at

sunset on the second day.

Copyright Peter Bateman 2011


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