Grease is the Way We Are Feeling

I did say I would be writing about Lightwoods Park. This piece is, therefore, long overdue. Tomorrow night the Park is hosting a drive-in movie. I have a special relationship to Grease. 1978 was O Level year and the film in a sense the soundtrack of that summer. This was not something I could admit at the time as no self-respecting fan of New Wave music could own up to liking Olivia Newton-John. But I can now say it loudly. I love Grease. I love Olivia

Somehow going to a Drive-In movie in a Skoda doesn’t seem quite right. Ideally I would go in a late 50s British pseudo-Yank. There are two options. The Vauxhall Cresta PA has its fans but they are seriously ugly, most of them rusted to pieces before their first MoT was due and the idiotic design of the windscreen pillars means you injure yourself every time you get in and out. No, for me it would have to be a Mark Two Ford Zodiac with whitewall tyres. For the true petrol heads the note of the straight six is as good as Olivia in tight trousers and wedges. Besides which you have two big bench seats that seem to have been designed with the drive-in in mind!

The Lightwoods Park Drive-In movie is on Friday 14th September at eight o’clock.  Admission is twelve pounds per car with, sadly, no discount for Mark Two Zodiacs


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