Please can we have our Tories back?

Once upon a time the British Conservative Party was full of what were called Tories. The Tory creed was one of pragmatism and scepticism. The lessons of lived experience were valued over the dictates of ideology.  Today’s Conservative Party, in contrast, seems full of ideologues who political creed is resistant to the lessons of experience. Economic policy is an obvious example with Gideon Osborne determined to cut the deficit even if he doubles it in doing so and it is difficult to imagine some Conservative governments of the past forcing through a hastily cobbled together NHS reform, the alleged benefits of which are unsupported by empirical evidence.

What is concerning is the willingness of many of these crazed ideologues to make common cause with US Republicans. The GOP is no longer a serious party of government. It can’t be, it doesn’t believe in the idea of government, just in low taxes and expensive wars, preferably a long way away where it’s people who dress funny and don’t speak English who get killed. As for paying for it all, well, you just let a Democrat get elected and then it’s not your problem.

The latest GOP contribution to human wisdom comes from the ludicrous senatorial candidate from Missouri, Todd Akin whose acute intellect has discerned a category of rape known as legitimate rape where women can’t get pregnant. He doesn’t explain how. Maybe the rapist’s sperm tells the ovum “Don’t split on me honey, I’m legit!”

We should be worried, very worried, that so many of out home grown Conservatives see the GOP as natural allies. I never thought I would say this but please can we have our Tories back?


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