Not Only Pussies Have Claws

The verdict in the Pussy Riot trial was predicatble. The surprise was the sentence. The smart money was on three years. If Putin thinks this makes him look lenient he is mistaken. In fact the whole prosecution was surely atctical mistake, as Pussy Riot now have a level of notoriety they could not have dreamed about. Putin himself looks ridiculous and looking ridiculous is something a dicttaor can ill afford.

So why the trial? Is the state dog being wagged by the Orthodox Church tail? The lione of argument advanced by the prosecution was to large extent couched in religious and theological language. The word ‘sin’ was used on several occasions as if it is the job of a secular court to adjuicate on such matters. In a state which officially guarantees freedom of religion and none, courts are making up laws as they go along to please the Church hierarchy.    .

Is this where the ex-KGB man is taking Russia, in he direction of a pseudo-Czarist theocracy? How long before Russia redaopts the Julian calendar?


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