Aside: After six month…

After six months I’m back.

Football is back which I normally look forward to. But somehow, after the Olympics it is surely going to be an anti-climax. Sportsmanship, selflessness, respect for opponents, all the things we saw during the last two weeks are likely to be in short supply. Luis Suarez is playing for the visitors to the Hawthorns. Need I say more?

It was interesting to hear Jack Butland’s wonderfully mature comments about the Olympic experience, particularly that it had taught him humility. He saw that the footballers were just a part of Team GB, and not the most important or most successful part either. In short he saw that footballers are not the centre of the universe and that there were so many other competitors, many in unglamorous low profile sports who deserved his respect. Let’s hope that humility and sense of perspective has rubbed off on other Olympians. If it’s rubbed off on Suarez that really would be something!


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