Harry or not to Harry?

To judge from this morning’s press you would think that Harry Redknapp was to be new England coach by popular acclamation. If not “santo subito” then at least “allenatore subito.” But what exactly are his credentials for the job? As is well known, being an international coach is essentially different from club management and Redknapp’s international experience is limited. His club success amounts to a good season or two with Tottenham and an FA Cup win with Portsmouth that the club is still picking up the bill for. At 64, it’s hardly going to be a long term appointment. If they want someone to take the team to Polraine this summer he could be the man, being tactically astute and by all accounts a good man manager and he wouldn’t have to give up his unfinished work at Tottenham. But longer term and thinking ahead to the 2014 World Cup and beyond the FA should look elsewhere. And that is the nub of the problem. Given the hassle, the malicious press coverage of any defeat, given the wholly unrealistic expectations in tis country which top coach would want the job anyway?